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March 08th, 2021
There are no data available for 2021.03.08.
Please note our opening hours.

Meal plan | Symbols and allergens
Data Source: Studentenwerk Osnabrück.

All prices are for students (Std) and employees (Stf). For guests of Hochschule Osnabrück, the following price surcharges apply:
Stew (dish / terrine): 0,70 € – Soup of the day: 0,15 € – Main dishes: 0,60 € – Side dishes: 0,15 €


Mensa at Campus Lingen ––
Mensa Lingen is part of Campus Lingen and therefore located on the site of the former Lingen railway repair shop plant, i.e. Ausbesserungswerk, which operated from 1856 to 1985. The whole site was bought by Stadt Lingen (Ems) in 1990, gradually five hangars were rebuilt and ultimately transformed to Campus Lingen of Hochschule Osnabrück as well as IT Zentrum Lingen. The building itself is located in between main hangar and Kaiserstreet and, compared to the repair shop hangars, has a rather architecturally outstanding design. Since spring 2014 Mensa Lingen offers a broad variety of snacks, meals and drinks, becoming a "delicious pleasure zone", according to the Studentenwerk Osnabrück. Despite continuous teaching throughout the year, Mensa Lingen is closed four months around July till September. Since October 2016 closing time in the afternoon is 3:15 pm. Mensa Lingen is closed on weekends. Due to the chosen way of construction, lectures, events or parties cannot take place within this building. Access to the Mensa Lingen is wheelchair accessible. There is a parent-child area, including the possibility of nursing. Child-friendly chairs are available.

On the forecourt, between the renovated main hangar and the canteen building one can see the gift given to the city of Lingen at Kivelingsfest 2011 by the so-called Kivelinge: A work of art by Lena Hülsmeier, which is especially characterized by a variety of symbolism, e.g. a coat of arms as base, railroad tracks, a stylized steam locomotive, a locomotive wheel, the three city gates of Lingen and the dean's scepter. The total cost of the campus, which is home to more than 2500 students, is estimated at 45 million Euros. Campus Lingen was officially inaugurated on 8 October 2012. Mensa Lingen opened in December 2013.

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